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Our Story

Learn To Bot is a Coding & Robotics Class for kids of 6 - 16 years. We encourage, empower and educate them on building robots using basic coding classes. We build your child into an innovator.

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Meet the Team

Dedication • Expertise • Passion

 Founder, Engineer, & Inventor.

Neil Dey

LearnToBot was founded by Neil Dey, a Computer Design Engineer with a rich background in supercomputers and eight inventions to his name. The inception of LearnToBot stemmed from Neil's quest to find the perfect robotics program for his son, Om, who had a keen interest in building and logic. Neil envisioned a program that would not only engage Om in hands-on building projects but also instill in him the critical problem-solving skills associated with coding. This dual focus on practical construction and logical thinking led to the creation of LearnToBot, a unique educational platform blending robotics with real-world coding challenges.

The story of LearnToBot starts with a father looking for the right to a Robotics & Coding program for his then 6-year-old Son. Neil Dey, a seasoned computer engineer with a background in designing supercomputers and eight inventions, wanted a program for his son, Om, that taught him the concepts of computer programming in the most fun way with hands-on projects to control real-world objects like lights, sounds, and movement. That was the birth of LearnToBot. At LearnToBot, kids from ages 6 to 16 build projects like RC Cars, Video Games, Robo Cranes, & Mini Pianos to not just learn the fundamentals of working with real electronics and circuits, but also learn the concepts of coding like if-statements, loops, etc.

Our Journey


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