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Build by Kids

In our robotics classes, kids use Arduino microcontrollers, sensors, and other electronic components to build a wide range of robotic projects. With Arduino, they can program their creations to sense the environment, make decisions, and move accordingly. Some examples of what they can build include line-following robots, obstacle-avoiding robots, remote-controlled cars, and even humanoid robots. By learning about electronics, programming, and mechanics, kids can explore the exciting world of robotics and develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.


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Basic Electronics Projects

In this course, kids will learn the basics of electronics and programming by using Arduino microcontrollers and sensors. They will explore various electronic components and how to connect them to create circuits. They will then learn how to write code to control their circuits and make their sensors detect and respond to their environment. By the end of the course, they will have built several projects, such as a traffic light, a temperature sensor, and a simple robot, while developing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Remote Controlled Car

In this project, kids will build an infrared remote-controlled car using an Arduino microcontroller, sensors, and motors. The car will be equipped with infrared sensors to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Kids will learn to program the microcontroller to process the sensor data and control the motors to drive the car in different directions. They will also learn to use an infrared remote to control the car's movement.

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Games with Joystick Control

Kids build games on Scratch. They build their own joysticks. 

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