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Basic Electronics & Sensors

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Welcome to our Robotics Course for Kids, where young learners will gain hands-on experience in building, programming, and controlling robots. In this course, children will be introduced to the basics of robotics and learn how to use a microcontroller (Arduino) to interface with sensors, input/output devices, and remote controls. Throughout the course, kids will work in teams to build and program their robots using our proprietary, unique robotics-based programming curriculum. We use block-based coding, which is easy to understand, making it accessible for kids with no prior coding experience. In the first part of the course, children will learn how to connect and program various input sensors, such as switches, ultrasonic sensors, and temperature sensors. They will learn how to use these sensors to read and analyze data and respond accordingly. In the second part of the course, kids will learn how to interface with output devices such as lights, sounds, and buzzers. They will learn how to control these devices based on the input data from sensors using simple programming logic. In the final part of the course, children will learn how to control their robots using a remote control. They will learn how to integrate the remote control with their microcontroller and program their robots to respond to different inputs from the remote. By the end of the course, kids will have a solid foundation in robotics and programming, enabling them to create and innovate with robots.

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