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Checkout The Mind-Blowing Video Games Kids Create at LearnToBot Classes & Coding Summer Camps

Summer camps for kids are now a blend of fun and learning. At LearnToBot, kids dive into coding, robotics, and STEM, creating incredible video games. From controlling a bird in Flappy Bird to playing Space Invaders with custom-built joysticks, our students' projects are nothing short of extraordinary.

**Few Sample Games**

- **Flappy Bird**: Kids control the bird on the screen using sensors, learning coding basics and object movement.

- **Space Invaders**: Using advanced Scratch concepts, kids build their own joysticks to control the spaceship.

- **Pong**: In Python, kids develop the classic Pong game, learning variables, loops, and collision detection.

- **Apple Catcher**: This joystick-controlled game teaches hardware integration with game development.

Here are just a few of these games in action.

**STEM Integration and Hands-On Learning**

Our camps offer a full STEM experience. Kids work with microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico, learning to control real objects. Projects like blinking LEDs, creating traffic lights, and building robotic cranes make learning interactive and fun.

**Why Choose LearnToBot?**

  • **Comprehensive Curriculum**: From basics to advanced concepts in Scratch and Python.

  • **STEM Focused**: Interactive projects integrating science, technology, engineering, and math.

  • **Experienced Instructors**: Guided learning with seasoned professionals.

  • **Convenient Locations**: Camps available in Conroe, TX, and The Woodlands.

**Join Us This Summer**

Enroll your child in one of the best coding summer camps near you. Whether they are beginners or advanced coders, LearnToBot has something for everyone.


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