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What to expect in LearnToBot's FOUNDATION Robotics Summer Camps

Updated: May 19

Welcome to the Foundation Summer Camp 2024 at LearnToBot! Our camp is designed for young minds eager to dive into the world of coding and robotics.

Who Is It For?

The Foundation Camps are ideal for kids who are experiencing coding or robotics for the first time or have limited prior experience. We use the Scratch programming language, a block-based coding platform that makes learning intuitive and fun.

Curriculum Overview

The camp’s curriculum is designed to progress from simple to complex projects, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Day 1-2: Building Simple Circuits

The journey begins with building simple circuits to understand the basics of electronics and coding. For example, kids will start with blinking LED lights in sequences and loops. They'll learn to use sensors by working on projects like traffic light systems, where different distances from the sensor will turn on different lights.

Day 2-3: Intermediate Projects

As they advance, campers will tackle more complex projects such as Robo Cranes. These projects involve motors, joysticks, and multiple control loops, offering a deeper understanding of robotics.

Day 4: Creating Video Games

In the Day or two, kids will develop their video games. They will not only code the games but also build joysticks to control the objects on the screen, combining software development with hardware creation.

Hands-On Learning and Self-Paced Progress

Our camp is structured to be self-paced, allowing each child to progress at their own speed. The more projects they complete, the more engaging and challenging activities they can undertake. This approach ensures that every camper remains motivated and excited about learning.


Foundation Summer Camp 2024 at LearnToBot offers a rich and engaging experience for kids to explore the world of coding and robotics. With a variety of hands-on projects and a supportive learning environment, your child will develop essential skills and have a blast doing it. Register now to secure a spot and give your child the opportunity to build, code, and get future-ready.

We have limited spots. Register here:


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